Wakadabaloon is the first balloon branding character. Our cute little image will attract kids attention and gives personifiction of our products. This is a trade mark which we have world wide registration.

In the coming season, kids can get on our website to play fun balloon games with Wakadabaloon. Through smart phone and facebook, they can also download the game and have idea exchange with Wakadabaloonsticks creations.

Wakadabaloon will also be the main image to teach kids to have fun with balloons, create their own ways of decroateing the party with our side products.

Let Wakadabaloon expend your kids imagination. They can have fun in the creative way.

Billions balloons are consumed each year for promotion and events. Increasing market in LED balloon

Top Selling products for seasonal party events and promotional items with fast turnover and quick sales

Wakadabaloon is the easy operate and best quality patterned and pattern pending LED balloon in the current market

Led switch can turn on before or after inflate balloons

All our products and packaging were tested and certified in international laboratory with updated U.S. and E.U. consumer product safety standards

All our LED balloons are test approved with RoHs battery which lasts min. 20 hours

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