Safety and Quality are our focus!


We have import our balloon from one of the best balloon manufacturer outside China.

We test our products to ensure the safety and EU regulations are fulfilled.  We work with one of the world most recognized test institution starting from product development all the way to product safely launch in different markets.

One of our invention is to install safety disc inside the balloon.  The safety disc prevents small child swallowed LED light in case balloon burst. The disc also serves the purpose of eye protection:  when balloon broken by force, the LED light will drop to the ground and not fly to eyes. We comply EN71-1 clause 4.11 mouth actual toys requirement.

Due to our focus on safety and quality, we supply our technologies to a few world famous balloon brands in US and Europe.

We reminds and educate our customers to aware of  ENJOY BALLOONS RESPONSIBLY from Europe Balloon Council.

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